We Do Video Analytics

  • Highly accurate, affordable and ready to be used out-of-the-box video analytics software solutions which can be integrated with new camera installations or retrofitted to existing systems.

  • VCA own brand high definition cameras utilising the Sony STARVIS™ image sensor capture superb quality images in low light conditions.

  • Thermal imaging cameras offering reliable detection with minimal false alarms is assured at a highly affordable price.

VCA Technology hardware sales and support is managed through our parent company, UDP Technology Ltd. For more information on VCA cameras and VCA Bridge please contact UDP by clicking here.

A refreshingly new approach to capturing retail business intelligence

What are your customers doing right now? 
Gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour from the moment they enter a store, to when they leave.

Instantly add analytics to your existing video surveillance systems

VCA delivers a low cost detection and intelligent visual verification solution which  provides operators with a powerful ‘exception’ reporting tool to help them identify suspicious activity.

VCA Technology can automatically detect parking and traffic contraventions

No parking zones can easily be marked on camera images, sending an alert to the operator whenever a vehicle has stopped in these areas.