Object Counting

VCA Technology software can accurately analyse human and vehicle traffic flow

Advances in technology have made it possible for businesses to obtain highly accurate information on the number of people who enter their premises to use their facilities. Gone are the days when the only options for people counting were to allocate staff with clickers, install unreliable pressure sensitive mats, inaccurate beam counters or expensive thermal imaging counters

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Airports, bus and train stations, bars and clubs, art galleries and museums , car parks, retails stores and shopping malls, museums and tourist attractions, sports stadia and leisure facilities are just some of the environments where VCA Technology’s video analytics can offer a cost effective, robust and highly accurate people counting solution. VCA Technology Video Analytics software embedded in video surveillance cameras provides all the tools you need to set up people counting ‘rules’ which match your specific requirements. There is also the option to install encoders which incorporate the software alongside existing cameras. Simply decide who or what you need to count and then take advantage of the incredibly easy to use on-screen tools to create detection lines and zones and the criteria for reports.

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Images captured by the cameras are instantly analysed and the reports generated via an easy to use Excel tool can be locally monitored in real time on a laptop or transmitted, for example, to a head office where they can be stored for future analysis.

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