Perimeter Protection

Our analytics can detect intruders in sterile zones without generating false alerts due to environmental changes, moving foliage, or birds and animals

Airports, car parks, gas and oil refineries, industrial complexes, power plants, prisons, railway depots, train stations and military establishments are just a few of the environments where it could be of critical importance for security personnel to have early warning that unwanted visitors are attempting to gain access to a restricted area. Not to be confused with VMD (Video Motion Detection), which works on the basis of detecting changes in the light scales of pixels within a video image, VCA Technology Video Analytics provides a far more sophisticated, reliable and accurate solution. To achieve this it analyses on a frame-by-frame basis the metadata related to the motion and properties of objects within a video stream.  The result of doing so is a high detection rate and a dramatic reduction in the kind of false alarms that can be generated by VMD software.

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Independently tested against the UK Home Office i-LIDS image library for sterile zone environments, VCA Technology Video Analytics is able to work exceptionally well in sterile conditions in which activity or motion is not expected. It is therefore ideally suited for the challenges of detecting movement in outdoor locations as it can automatically adapt to varying light conditions and can be easily fine tuned to avoid false alarms due to, for example, rustling trees or wildlife. It will continue to deliver a high level of performance when cameras may be swaying due to windy conditions and it will even work effectively with thermal imaging cameras.

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