Retail Analytics

Our analytics can automatically collect statistics on customer behaviour, enabling retailers to make informed business decisions

Doing more with less staff, increasing customer satisfaction by minimising delays at check-outs and identifying the best times and locations for product promotions, are just a few of the goals which can be achieved with very little effort with the help of cameras featuring VCA Technology video analytics.

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Although ready to be used ‘out-of-the-box’, with minimal training, users can easily set-up the detection, tracking and reporting functions of the video analytics to reflect the way in which their particular store is operated, and then look forward to the generation of visually verified data to enable them to analyse the behaviour of customers from the moment they enter a store to when they leave. This data can provide an invaluable insight, for example, into how much time customers spend in particular aisles or how long they have to queue to pay for items.

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Alerts can be generated automatically so that a store’s management can react to a sudden influx of customers by allocating extra staff to checkouts before the customers arrive to pay. Integration with EPOS data enables even deeper analysis, such as looking at typical routes through the store for customers who buy particular types of products. The data can then be used to inform the placement of in-store promotions to target these specific customer groups.

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