Footfall & Heat Map Analysis

Working together with VCA’s highly acclaimed analytics software, is a customer tracking solution which gives retailers a greater understanding of customer behaviour from the moment they enter a store, to when they leave. 

Cloud based provides an affordable and highly accurate method of analysing business intelligence on precise footfall numbers along with heat maps to identify shopping trends. It offers a refreshingly new approach to capturing real-time customer data in order to analyse the success of sales promotions, conversion rates and product placement strategies.

Although ready to be used out of the box, VCA analytics provides you with the option to configure counting ‘rules’ which match your specific requirements. Simply decide who or what you need to count and then take advantage of the incredibly easy to use on-screen tools to create detection lines and zones.

Multiple overlapping detection lines and zones ensure only specific activity is recorded. Filters provide the software with the ability to distinguish people from, for example, shopping trolleys.

Real time, remote and easy access dashboard: Captured data is displayed via easy to understand simple charts, heat maps and reports which allow individual store managers or on-the-road regional managers to make informed decisions, whilst enabling head office marketing and merchandising personnel to compare at a glance, business intelligence from high and low performing stores without leaving their desks.

       Video:   VCA's uCountit Retail Analytics Platform

       Video:  VCA's uCountit Retail Analytics Platform

VCA analytics can be easily added with minimal disruption to existing CCTV systems with the help of our Bridge appliance or for new installations, is available on-board VCA’s wide range of video surveillance cameras, as well as an increasing number of other manufacturers’ cameras. 

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