Kevin Waterhouse Q&A Interview

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Over recent years, VCA has achieved significant success promoting its analytics as an OEM edge based solution, which can be incorporated into other manufacturers’ IP cameras and devices. No less than 250,000 video channels worldwide are utilising the company’s analytics and it continues to grow in popularity because of its ease of use and accuracy. 

It may therefore come as a surprise to some to learn that VCA has launched its own brand of IP network devices and software. In this article, Kevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales for VCA, explains the thinking behind this bold step to introduce a new range in a marketplace that is not short of manufacturers competing for the attention of installers and systems integrators.

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With clear signs that Video Analytics has overcome its bad boy image and with users demanding so much more from their investment in video surveillance systems, Kevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President of Sales of VCA Technology, offers some timely advice to businesses managers who may be taking a fresh look at what Video Analytics can do for their business.

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Advances in technology have made it possible for businesses to obtain highly accurate information on the number of people who enter their premises to use their facilities. Gone are the days when the only options for people counting were to allocate staff with clickers, install unreliable pressure sensitive mats, inaccurate beam counters or expensive thermal imaging counters.

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Airports, car parks, gas and oil refineries, industrial complexes, power plants, prisons, railway depots, train stations and military establishments are just a few of the environments where it could be of critical importance for security personnel to have early warning that unwanted visitors are attempting to gain access to a restricted area. Video Analytics can provide a highly effective and affordable perimeter protection solution.

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The demand for edge based Video Analytics will continue to grow as a result of end-users increasingly wishing to take advantage of the superb quality of the images captured by high definition cameras.

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