Counting on VCA Technology's video analytics

Advances in technology have made it possible for businesses to obtain highly accurate information on the number of people who enter their premises to use their facilities.  Gone are the days when the only options for people counting were to allocate staff with clickers, install unreliable pressure sensitive mats, inaccurate beam counters or expensive thermal imaging counters.

The availability of video analytics which can efficiently and reliably perform this role could not perhaps come at a better time. In a tough economic climate, business managers need all the help they can get to refine their tactics for improving efficiency and increasing sales, as well as creating a safe environment for their staff, visitors and customers.

Why VCA Technology Video Analytics?

  • Do you need to have highly accurate real time information on how many people enter your premises and at what times?
  • Do you wish to improve customer satisfaction by monitoring the lengths of queues and how long customers have to wait for service?
  • Do you wish to analyse the success of advertising campaigns and promotions in increasing footfall?
  • Do you wish to track the movement of customers and visitors so that you have a greater understanding of where to deploy staff during busy periods?
  • Do you need to control crowds and/or be absolutely certain how many people are in your premises at any one time in order to comply with Health & Safety or local authority licensing requirements?

If the answer is Yes to one or more of these questions, there is every possibility that VCA Technology Video Analytics can make a significant contribution to the profitability of your business.

Countless applications

Airports, bus and train stations, bars and clubs, car parks, retails stores and shopping malls, museums and tourist attractions, sports stadia and leisure facilities  are just some of the environments where VCA Technology’s   video analytics can offer a cost effective, robust and highly accurate people counting solution.

Retailers can benefit by having a better understanding of why a particular store is performing better than others and if specific marketing activities or promotions have been effective. Doing more with less staff, increasing customer satisfaction by minimising delays at check-outs and identifying the best times and locations for product promotions, are just a few of the goals which can be achieved with very little effort with the help of the people counting feature offered by VCA Technology Video Analytics. Reports can be generated which show busy areas of a store, by hour or day of the week.  

Art galleries, museums and other non-profit or government funded organisations can all benefit from VCA Technology Video Analytics which can be been deployed as a highly reliable method of simultaneously accurately counting the number of visitors that stream through a large number of entrances. The statistical data gathered by the software, which can be configured to distinguish between adults and children, can help identify busy and quiet periods so that staff are efficiently deployed, but equally important, used in support of annual funding applications.

Video surveillance cameras incorporating VCA Technology Video Analytics can be installed at the main entrances and exit of the car parks, as well as on each level, in order to obtain a precise count of how many vehicles are parked. By doing so, an accurate number can be obtained of the remaining spaces available on each level and this information can be displayed on the car parks’ signage systems. As a highly effective alternative to the traditional method of counting using ground loop detection systems to count vehicle movements, VCA Technology Video Analytics can avoid the risk of ‘Car Park Full’ signs being displayed when in fact there are still spaces available and prevent customers becoming frustrated by wasting time looking for available spaces. The software can detect and track up to 100 moving objects and is able to reliably distinguish between vehicles and people. Vehicle counting is accurate as the movement can be defined so that a vehicle is only counted if it is moving in a particular direction.

In bars, clubs, sports and leisure venues, a licence to operate is likely to be subject to a maximum number of people who can be on a premises at any one time. The cost of employing extra stewards to perform a people counting role can be cost prohibitive. The deployment of VCA Technology Video Analytics can ensure that the maximum number of people are able to enjoy themselves and spend money, but without any risk of the business being closed down.

At concerts and other live events or at sports venues, the safety of everyone present is of paramount importance and it is therefore crucial the maximum number of people allowed is not exceeded. Images from large numbers of cameras installed across multiple entrances exits can be simultaneously analysed and a report, which is updated in real time, can provide an accurate total of the number of people present. Stewards can be quickly directed to closed entrances or gates if the safe number of people is reached, whilst at the same time the number of people leaving can be monitored so that the maximum number of people can always be let in to enjoy the facilities.

How does it work?

VCA Technology Video Analytics software embedded in video surveillance cameras provides all the tools you need to set up people counting ‘rules’ which match your specific requirements. There is also the option to install encoders which incorporate the software alongside existing cameras. Simply decide who or what you need to count and then take advantage of the incredibly easy to use on-screen tools to create detection lines and zones and the criteria for reports. Multiple overlapping detection lines and zones can ensure that only specific activity is recorded. Direction of movement is defined so that the software only triggers when individuals or objects move in a particular direction across a zone, or when they move into a zone but not when they leave it. Filters provide the software with the ability to only detect people of a specified height and ignore, if desired, accompanying children. A rapid 'learning time' of just two seconds means that images are detected and classified almost instantaneously which means that if you want to count people and not shopping trolleys, cars but not bikes, or almost anything that moves, VCA Technology Video Analytics is your best option.

Images captured by the cameras are instantly analysed and the reports generated via an easy to use Excel tool can be locally monitored in real time on a laptop or transmitted, for example, to a head office where they can be stored for future analysis.

VCA Technology video analytics operates effectively with both indoor and outdoor cameras.  It automatically adapts to varying light conditions and in car parks, for example, can operate effectively even though cameras may be swaying due to windy conditions. 

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