Safety counts at clubs and pubs with Varovanje d.o.o.

The accuracy of the people counting feature built into VCA Technology Video Analytics software is ensuring many clubs and pubs across Slovenia comply with health and safety laws

Varovanje d.o.o., one of the fastest growing man guarding service providers in Slovenia, is taking advantage of the accuracy of the people counting feature built into VCA Technology Video Analytics software to ensure thaty many clubs and pubs across Slovenia comply with health and safety laws.

To ensure that customers can enjoy themselves in a safe environment, the licence to operate issued by local authority to each club or pub, stipulates a maximum number of people who can be on a premises at any one time.

“As part of our contract to provide stewards at the entrances to the pubs and clubs, we also have the responsibility of counting the number of people coming in and out,” said Mitja Žnidarič who in addition to being the CEO of Varovanje d.o.o. is also the sole judicial expert and appraiser for the physical and technical security in Slovenia. “The process of counting has to be seen to be extremely accurate in order to comply with the licensing laws, but in any event all our clients take the safety and security of their customers very seriously.”

The cost of employing extra stewards at each of the clubs and pubs in order to provide the people counting service would have been prohibitive, and there was a concern about how accurately the count would be with so much activity taking place at the entrance to the premises during the busiest times.

Varovanje d.o.o. conducted extensive research and evaluated a number of alternative options to having a steward use a hand clicker. “Fortunately, technology came to the rescue in the form of video analytics,” said Mitja Žnidarič.

Images captured by cameras installed at entrances to each of the clubs and pubs are fed though VCA Technology encoders. The video analytics software analyses the images and is able to generate an Excel based report which provides a count of the exact number of people crossing a defined detection zone. The report is instantly loaded onto a laptop PC enabling a steward to monitor at all times just how many people have entered or left the premises and allowing them to know in good time if they have to turn people away. The information is also readily available to the local authority’s inspectors should they decide to make surprise visit

“The advantage of being able to accurately know how many people have left as well as entered any particular club or pub is that our client can ensure that they maximum number of people are enjoying the facilities but without any risk of the business being closed down because of a breach of licensing laws,” said Mitja Žnidarič. “The good news is that our tests have shown that the VCA Technology Video Analytics people counting software module is 99.99% accurate, which is not a level of performance that we could reasonably expect from a steward doing the same job.”

VCA Technology video analytics operates effectively with both indoor and outdoor cameras.  Multiple overlapping detection lines and zones can be designated to ensure that only specific activity is recorded. Direction of movement is defined so that the software only triggers when individuals or objects move in a particular direction across a zone. A rapid 'learning time' of just two seconds means that images are detected and classified almost instantaneously.

Users can take advantage of the easy to use on-screen tools to set up the required detection lines and zones and create the criteria for the required reports.

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