VCA's reputation grows at Taipei Flora Expo


Although most of them were probably unaware, the movements of the 8.5million people who enjoyed their visit to the Taipei International  Flora Exposition were monitored with the help of VCA Technology Video Analytics

150 cameras supported by VCA Technology Video Analytics encoders, were installed by network security specialists, AGNI Technology Inc. in order to monitor activity in and around the EcoARK, a three storey structure built entirely out of plastic bottles.

The EcoARK was one of 14 pavilions in the Flora Expo which was organized by the Taipei City Government in partnership with the Taiwan Floriculture Development Association with the objective of highlighting Taipei's achievements in tourism, gardeniing, catering and biotechnology.

The Challenge

Although there was much for people to see at the Flora Expo, the organisers were confident that the EcoARK, which was constructed of 1.5million plastic bottles, would in particular create interest among a large number of visitors. Unfortunately this meant that there was the risk that it would also attract vandals who might attempt to damage the innovative structure of the building.

“It would have needed a large number of control room personnel to monitor all of the live images captured by the 150 cameras,” said Jacky Chou, CEO of AGNI Technology INC. “To resolve this problem, our client decided to use video analytics software to create a ‘virtual barrier’ around the building so that alerts would be generated if people seemed to be acting suspiciously.”

In addition to helping security personnel protect the fabric of the EcoARK, the video analytics software was used to detect any attempt to pick some of the rare flower species which were on display and it was also utilised as an efficient method of people counting so that appropriate levels of staffing could be deployed when high levels of people entered the building.


The Solution

AGNI Technology Inc won the contract following a tender process which resulted in them having to compete against a number of other system integrators who were keen to supply a solution for such an interesting and prestigious contract. “We decided to submit a proposal which included VCA Technology Video Analytics,” said Jacky Chou. “We had worked with the software before and knew how easy it was to configure to match the client’s specific requirements. We also knew that the control room operators would find it very easy to use and it would therefore provide them with a powerful tool which would allow them to react quickly and effectively to any incidents.”

VCA Technology video analytics operates effectively with both indoor and outdoor cameras. Multiple overlapping detection lines and zones can be designated to ensure that only specific activity is recorded. Direction of movement is defined so that the software only triggers when individuals or objects move in a particular direction across a zone. A rapid 'learning time' of just two seconds means that images are detected and classified almost instantaneously.

In addition to contributing to a greater understanding of people behaviour, the software can also be used for a wide range of applications including intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, abandoned object detection and loitering detection. It can even detect camera tampering and failure. Users can take advantage of the incredibly easy to use on-screen tools to set up the required detection lines and zones and create the criteria for the required reports.