We do video analytics

Deployed worldwide across in excess of 350,000 video channels, VCA analytics is able to accurately capture data to help a diverse range of businesses and organisations achieve a greater understanding of the behaviour of people who work or visit their premises. VCA also provides security personnel with a powerful tool to detect and combat theft and other criminal activity, as well as an opportunity for installers, remote monitoring centres and end-users to work together to reduce the time consuming and costly impact of false alarms. 

Choose from cameras with on-board video analytics or multi-channel hardware solutions

  • VCA manufactures a comprehensive range of cameras and domes, including ultra low light models, all featuring its highly acclaimed analytics software
  • VCA’s highly affordable thermal imaging cameras equipped are ideal for detecting people and objects in environments where standard video cameras might struggle such as fog, smoke, snow and heavy rain
  • Instantly add video analytics to new or existing video surveillance systems which have up to 16 channels with the VCA Bridge Appliance or choose VCA’s server based Core solution for Enterprise level projects
  • uTrack capitalises on VCA’s rules based detection capabilities to offer an industry first, autonomous, 3D predictive tracking solution for unmanned, wide area and perimeter surveillance applications. Depending on the field of view, each uTrack comprises of one PTZ dome camera and up to five fixed cameras
  • VCA’s analytics technology is available as an OEM solution which can be incorporated into other manufacturers’ cameras