We do video analytics

VCA offers a comprehensive range of high definition IP network video surveillance cameras, encoders and appliances featuring our highly acclaimed Home Office iLids approved analytics software which has been successfully deployed worldwide in over 350,000 video channels.
VCA continues to provide its analytics software as an OEM solution which can be  incorporated into other manufacturers’ cameras, but by also offering our own brand of competitively priced products, together with added value services, our aim is to assist installers and systems integrators to generate new revenue streams beyond the traditional security sector. 

When we started VCA Technology, we took a look around at the existing video analytics solutions and found three things they all had in common:

  • They were difficult to use, configure and understand
  • Their performance was variable, and difficult to evaluate
  • They were expensive

These simple findings have informed everything we do at VCA Technology. We make video analytics that:

  • Provide best-of-breed performance with tools to evaluate the efficacy of the system
  • Are easy to use and embed in 3rd party systems
  • Run on multiple platforms, from Windows and Linux servers to IP cameras and embedded ARM and DSP devices
  • Are better value than you think: contact us to discuss pricing

A virtual guard that never misses a beat

Developed in the UK by our team of computer vision scientists, our video analytics engine can perform a wide range of security and surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, tailgating detection, abandoned object detection and camera tamper detection.

Based on state of the art computer vision algorithms and over 50 man-years of research and development, the system continuously adapts to environmental changes and rejects sources of false alarms, so that an operator is alerted only when there's genuinely something interesting to see.

The analytics engine has been independently verified by the UK Home Office i-LIDS programme for use in sterile zone applications, so users can rest assured that the system meets stringent performance standards for event detection and false alarm rejection.

See how it works:

Statistics and business intelligence too

In addition to its security credentials, VCA Technology's analytics also provides a highly accurate method for capturing statistics about customer behaviour, enabling retailers to make informed business decisions. With people counting functionality and our person-optimised tracking engine built-in, detailed footfall, queue-time, customer hotspot and conversion ratio analysis can be performed.

See how it works:

Prior experience not required

We built our analytics from the ground up to be easy to use, even if you've never used video analytics before. We threw the mysterious edit boxes and slider controls for adjusting sensitivity and lighting immunity constants out and replaced them with automatic algorithms that self adjust, allowing the user to concentrate on the detection rules.

Oh, and did we mention it only takes a few mouse clicks to configure a detection rule?

See how:

Platform agnostic: development kit or turnkey solution

VCA Technology's analytics is available for a range of platforms. From Windows and PC Linux, through to IP cameras and encoders and embedded solutions highly optimised for ARM and DSP platforms, our analytics is available as an SDK, or as an integrated solution via one of our technology partners.




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