Fully featured PTZ autotracking package with all the features of VCAsurveillance for the best combination of rule-triggered automatic PTZ tracking


  • Intrusion detection Perimeter protection
  • Shake cancellation Shake cancellation
  • Tamper detection Tamper detection
  • Enter & Exit Enter & exit filters
  • Appear & Disappear Appear & disappear filters
  • Stopping filter Stopping filter
  • Dwell filter Dwell filter
  • Direction filter Direction filter
  • Abandoned object filter Abandoned object detection
  • Removed object filter Removed object detection
  • Zones & lines Zones & lines
  • Speed filter Speed filter
  • 3D calibration 3D calibration
  • Tailgating filter Tailgating filter
  • PTZ auto tracking PTZ auto tracking
  • Logical rules Logical rules

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