UDP Technology
Mosaic Video

Our mission is simple

Video Content Analysis
Provide a highly reliable and accurate tracking engine which is the basic element of all Video Content Analysis


Interface and Operation
Keep the user interface and operation as simple and as intuitive as possible


Cost effective
Provide cost effective solutions that meet the customers needs and not over complicated software where the customer uses less than 35%, but pays for 100%


Adding value to your video surveillance system

VCA Technology Video Analytics offers a highly accurate, easy to implement and even easier to operate method of obtaining valuable management information from live or recorded video.

Depending on the field of view, cameras or encoders equipped with VCA Technology software should be able to simultaneously generate reports with supporting video to provide security, merchandising, human resources and other operational departments with data to help them to achieve their business objectives. 

An increasing number of manufacturers are adopting VCA Technology as their preferred video analytics provider and have integrated the software within their cameras and domes. Each manufacturer is able to offer the software in modular form to provide users with the option to only pay for the appropriate level of functionality as and when it is required. 

Worldwide, system integrators are recognising the opportunity to maximise their clients’ return on investment by recommending that VCA Technology Video Analytics should be specified as an integral component of a video surveillance system. Retail chains in USA, Denmark, France, Finland, Hungary and Spain, an Italian car factory, a prison in China, a University in Estonia, a London sports stadium and hospitals in Japan, are just a few examples of the environments where VCA Technology Video Analytics software has been effectively deployed.


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