Queue Analysis

Doing more with less staff, and improving customer satisfaction by minimising delays at check-outs are just a few of the goals which can be achieved with very little effort with the help of cameras supported by VCA analytics.

VCA analytics enables you to analyse and manage queuing times and queue lengths in order to achieve maximum productivity by the efficient deployment of staff, whilst reducing the risk of customer frustration and walk-offs. Data captured by VCA analytics can provide an invaluable insight into how long customers have to queue to pay for items, as well as how much time customers spend in particular aisles. 

Alerts can be generated automatically so that a store’s management can react to a sudden influx of customers by allocating extra staff to checkouts before the customers arrive to pay. 

VCA analytics can easily be added with minimal disruption to existing CCTV systems with the help of our Bridge appliance or for new installations it is available on-board VCA’s wide range of video surveillance cameras, as well as an increasing number of other manufacturers’ cameras. It is also built-into our Intelligent Public View Monitor (IPVM) which, with a long list of impressive features, offers tangible benefits to retail marketing personnel, as well as loss prevention managers.

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