Remote Monitoring

VCA provides control room operators with a powerful ‘exception’ reporting tool to help them identify suspicious activity and when appropriate, to despatch security guards or quickly report the incident to one of the emergency services. 

The biggest challenge for remote video surveillance operators is false alarms. Adding VCA’s award winning analytics to a new or existing camera installations can help significantly reduce false alarms and enhance the service offering to end-user clients by adding features such as vehicle and people counting, speed based alerts and temperature monitoring. 
VCA analytics can detect movement within very small areas of a video image. It does so by analysing on a frame-by-frame basis the metadata related to the motion and properties of objects within a video stream. The result of doing so is a high detection rate and a dramatic reduction in the kind of false alarms that can be generated by traditional intruder detection devices. 
Supported by VMS providers such as Milestone and control room software platforms such as Sentinel and SureView Immix, VCA analytics can deployed as an integral component of a new security system or easily retrofitted to instantly add video analytics capability to new or existing video surveillance systems.

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