Customer References

"VCA has NO single point of failure, because the analytics are integrated on the Edge HW; video server or into the camera."

"VCA is very accurate, much more accurate and sensitive than competitor systems. It delivers secure detection at long range distances"

"This is the most flexible VCA system in the market, which gives benefits for end users who always gets most value from the investment."

"VCA can then be upgraded with additional features WHEN and IF the end user needs it, and not before."

"VCA Technology product prices are absolutely the most competitive on the market in comparison with any other manufacturer!"

"The strategy to expand the VCA market, by making it very, very affordable for ANY customer is, from our point of view, the correct strategy and is appreciated by all of our partners and end users "

"VCA technology’s products fit all market segments without modifications. Software allows you to ADD ON features afterwards in the recorded video. This makes VCA even more flexible, particularly for police matters and law enforcement."

"End users do not have to invest their money in expensive professional or enterprise package functions that they do not need in the first place, but if they would like to do that, they can do that for around half the price of their competitors."

Reference Sites


Italian highway

Switzerland highway projects

Asia city traffic monitoring

Turkey highway

Belgian highway

Italian railway

French transportation project

Hong Kong Airport Logistic Center

Jiangin Transporting Authority

Nanjing Highway


Swedish shopping malls

Finnish retail chain

Finnish bank

French retail chains

Danish retail chain

Belgian retail chain

Slovakian retail chain

Hungarian retail chain

Spanish retail chain

Icelandic retail store

US convenience chain

Slovenian retail chain

Construction Bank in Guangzhou

Central Group in Hong Kong


London sports stadium

Hong Kong International Exhibition Center

China Central Television

Floating Island

Japanese traditional hotel chain


East European jail project

Shenzhen City Environment Dept.

Coal Mine in Henam

Dongguan Power Electronic system

Coal Mine project in Nanjing

Shichuan Prison

GuangDong Telecom

Maoming Prison

Shandong Prison Management Authority

Shandong Power electric system

Hospitals in Japan

Korea Anti-aircraft Battalion Air force

Estonian university

Fuzhou Navy

Guangzhou Army

Chukyo television

Silver facility

Italian car factory