Training Videos

How to connect up your VCA-enabled IP camera or encoder

Quick start video on how to set up video analytics

How to view live video on the camera web page

How to upgrade the camera firmware

How to activate and enable VCA on a compatible IP camera or encoder

How to configure zones and lines

How to apply detection rules to zones and lines

How to set up an object counter

How to use 3D calibration

How to configure camera tamper detection

How to configure abandoned/removed object detection

How to use and configure the counting line

How to use the counting and reporting functionality

Calibration Demo

How to install and configure the IPT series people tracking devices

uCountit Training Video

See how easy it is to use VCA Technology's video analytics

PC VCA overview

Intruder Presence and Dwelling inside prohibited zone


Logical Rules 1 - two objects in a zone simultaneously

Logical Rules 4 - double knock filter

Logical Rules 2 - two second rule detection

Logical Rules 5 - reset counters at time of day

Logical Rules 3 - count number of vehicles before one stops

Logical Rules 6 - measure number of vehicles per minute