Traffic Flow & Classification

The VCA analytics count function can be used to monitor traffic flow and distinguish between types of vehicles. Counting accurately is enhanced by being able to define that a vehicle is only counted if it is moving in a particular direction.

City centre traffic can be kept on the move with the help of accurate speed analysis and vehicle counting data.  No parking zones can be defined on camera images with alerts sent to an operator whenever vehicles stop in these areas. 

Cameras placed at toll booths can also provide information about traffic flow, types of vehicles and basic counting. 

Car park efficiency

Video surveillance cameras incorporating VCA analytics can be installed at the main entrances and exits of the car parks as well as on each level, in order to obtain a precise count of how many vehicles are parked. An accurate number can be obtained of the remaining spaces available on each level and this information can be displayed on the car parks’ signage systems. As a highly effective alternative to the traditional method of counting using ground loop detection systems to count vehicle movements, VCA can help avoid the risk of ‘Car Park Full’ signs being displayed when in fact there are still spaces available, to prevent customers becoming frustrated by wasting time looking for available spaces.